Sunday, October 28, 2012

Women And Coffee by Kadence Buchanan -

I do not know about you, but for me, coffee drinking, especially in the morning or early evening, is more than a simple habit or cultural characteristic. Actually, it has become a necessity without which I cannot open my eyes and stand on my two feet all day. According to researchers, I am not alone. Nearly 80% of the U. S. population drinks coffee on a daily basis. The caffeine measured to be contained in a cup of coffee, me and you daily consume, is around 80-130 mg. But while the medical community has warned the public of the health risks associated to caffeine intake, there still is very little linking between coffee and health problems, except in a very few cases.

Coffee, which is a beverage served cold or hot, comes from the roasted seeds of the coffee plant, almost always referred to as coffee beans. But regardless of its tremendous market success-coffee is the second most commonly traded commodity in the world surpassed only by petroleum-coffee has been blamed to be the cause of a variety of disorders ranging from indigestion to cancer, at one time or another. Since it is the main source of caffeine, which is a stimulant, coffee has had an almost constant role in the news pertaining to health problems in recent years. Surprisingly, most of these warnings and urgent health reports, describing problems like the human airways clogging, are aimed at women.

But while even doctors have been very critical of the role of coffee in women's health, the fact of the matter remains; there is little proof that any risk to women exists from coffee drinking, especially when consumed in moderate amounts. As a matter of fact, reports have even suggested that coffee even lessen the risks of some diseases in women, such as bladder cancer. Unfortunately, since the health problems examined in relation to their linkage with coffee consumption have not yet reached indisputable results, women have reached a stage that it is almost difficult to believe anything involving the health risks of coffee and women.

The reasons why coffee has been getting such a bad reputation are based on the fact that of all drinks containing caffeine, coffee has the highest concentration amount, far exciding that of sodas. In addition , since doctors advice pregnant women to be cautious and avoid caffeinated beverages while carrying an infant, despite there being no evidence of any serious health risks involved, women tend to consider coffee drinking almost as if they were performing some kind of sin and avoid drinking it in fear of the unknown consequences. On the other hand, new research has revealed that coffee is actually beneficial to a person's health. For example , the diuretic effect of coffee has proved that it lessens the incidence of bladder cancer in smokers, and drinking coffee regularly is also reported to lessen the onset of Parkinson's disease.

So , what should we ladies do? The best advice that anyone can believe is the trusted advice of their doctor. Question your doctor if he/she restricts coffee and follow their advice, but stay current on health news. Although it seems impossible to know which study to believe, we have to train ourselves to tell the difference between hypothesis and fact. Being educated about our health will always make us women feel better in the long run.

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How To Make Money With Pro Wealth Solutions by Terrence Sanders

If you are considering joining Pro Wealth Solutions, there are a couple of things you should consider before you start paying $35 for the membership.

Pro Wealth Solutions is a typical MLM business opportunity. Meaning that you sign up, start paying the $35 membership and then you will be paid a commission on whoever you get to sign below you. In essence, you are being paid a portion of your “downlines” membership money.

Some will classify this as a “Pyramid Scam”. Though it is a pyramid structure, the word “Scam” is a little harsh. One definition of “scam” that is apropos to this situation is “to obtain money from somebody by dishonest means”. If Pro Wealth Solutions promised to give you access to their resources for a membership fee of “X” and did not deliver, then that would be a scam. If they promised that you are going to make “X” amount of money if you pay them and “Y” amount of membership money, and don’t deliver, then THAT would be a scam. Further, if PWS promised to pay you “X” for each person you sign up and fail to send you a check when your downline is 150 deep, then that would be a scam.

We have yet to see that happen. As a matter of fact, PWS is quite prompt with their payment of earned commissions. We have FULL access to their resources. And as with any business, online or off, they have never guaranteed the amount of money we would be making. So we don’t see scam. YET!

I say yet because things can change. But until they do, we will continue to implement what PWS has to offer into our own strategy.

Now, if you have not taken a look at Pro Wealth Solutions, do so now. It is free to evaluate. Of course our mantra: DON’T SIGN UP FOR ANYTHING THAT YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND. You are just signing up so that you have access to what PWS has to offer.


Pro Wealth Solutions offers several what they term “Income Streams”. The idea behind these income streams is for the member, in addition to signing people up, to have multiple products to sell which will help you put cash into your pocket while you grow your business. Here are the income streams:

PWSMortgageCo. Com
BetterCreditToday. net
Credit Card Processing
Real Estate Training

And several other training pieces that you are licensed to reproduce and sell in any creative way your little heart desires.

I come from a real estate investment background. So when I saw the Pro Wealth Mortgage Business, it clicked for us. After carefully assessment, and of course extreme due diligence, (I had to speak to whoever was going to be originating the loans, I had to find out the legality of what they were doing, and other loan industry questions like how they handle appraisals, notary issues, origination fees, funding time lines etc . )

The rest was easy! All of our executive members at The Pro Profit Team have since refinanced our homes and investment properties through PWS. The bank that PWS has the relationship with is a publicly traded FDIC insured Bank. Not a mortgage broker. So there are no brokerage fees. I got a better interest rate than I had on a 4-plex that I own and they were able to save me about $800 bucks on my monthly mortgage payment.

Because we are customers, it is truly an easy sell. All of my friends and family are using PWSmortgageCo. com. They are that good!

Our strategy is to present PWSMortgageCo. com to as many people as we can within our community. We have a great strategy that targets hard working class people (like myself). The sell is the most soft sell in the world! It works like this:

Hey “Homeowner”, Check these guys out. (give them the info) I just recently refinanced my house with the people and they saved me $800. They may be able to save you some money as well!


Hello “stranger in the pub” I overheard you talking about your home, you should check these guys out, they have some of the best interest rates I’ve seen lately.

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you how well these two strategies work! I have yet to meet a homeowner who wouldn’t like to save money on their mortgage. Here is the phrase that is worth $1, 000 almost every time you speak it:

“They may or may not be able to save you money. It’s definitely worth checking into! ”

It’s that easy! This is not a potion made from some fruit from New Guinea. This is not a super vitamin, this is not set of motivational tapes, this is not protein powder. This is a Mortgage!

(…Unless you are independently wealthy and are paying cash for your home; In which case you don’t need a program like Pro Wealth Solutions! )

That is very VERY POWERFUL!

You can take a free tour of the Pro Wealth Solutions Income streams at:

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