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Experiencing Ache Knees and Back? You may have Osteoarthritis ...

Are you noticing as you mature you are experiencing stiffness or pain in your knees, ankles, back, and elbows? If you are 35 or older symptoms like these may be the early signs of Osteoarthritis.

What is Osteoarthritis?

According to the US government's National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases "Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis, especially among older people. Sometimes it is called degenerative joint disease or osteoarthrosis."

Moreover Osteoarthritis is a joint disease that mostly affects the cartilage. Cartilage is the protective slippery tissue that covers the ends of the bones in a joint.

Unlike other forms of arthritis which may affect internal organs Osteoarthritis primarily causes problems between the cartilage and joints.

Healthy cartilage allows bones to glide over one another. It also absorbs energy from the shock of physical movement. In osteoarthritis, the surface layer of cartilage breaks down and wears away.

In other words as we mature you can start to experience Osteoarthritis because the cartilage between you knees, back, and other joints may begin to erode or wear away.

This allows bones under the cartilage to rub together, causing pain, swelling, and loss of motion of the joint. Over time, the joint may lose its normal shape. Also bone spurs, small growths called entophytes, may grow on the edges of the joint. Bits of bone or cartilage can break off and float inside the joint space.

This condition of course causes more pain and damage.

According to government studies Osteoarthritis affects about 20 million Americans. Over 50 % of Americans over 65 have osteoarthritis in a least one joint.

It is more common for men than women to have osteoarthritis before 45. However after 45 it is more common for women to experience the symptoms of this condition.

Research shows by 2030 70 million Americans will be over the age of 65 and may be at risk for osteoarthritis. While younger people may get osteoarthritis from sports related knee and joint injuries, osteoarthritis is primarily a condition more mature people experience.

If you experience symptoms like the ones described above talk to you doctor to see if you have osteoarthritis or some other condition.

The symptoms of osteoarthritis seem to appear in the knee, lower back, ends of the fingers, back of the neck, thumbs and hips.

Some of the treatments the doctor may prescribe are:

1. - Exercise is inexpensive and may help with a number of health problems including certain forms of osteoarthritis. As you may know exercise can help improve your attitude, disposition, mood and overall outlook, decrease pain, increase flexibility, improve the heart and blood flow, maintain weight, and promote general physical fitness.

Reports have shown if done correctly, it has few negative side effects. The amount and form of exercise will depend on which joints are involved, how stable the joints are, and whether a joint replacement has already been done.

The proper exercise may help you recapture some range of movement in stiff joints.

2. - Weight control: If you suffer from Osteoarthritis and are overweight or obese you should look to lose weight. Weight loss can help to reduce stress on weight-bearing joints and limit further injury. A dietitian can or knowledgeable fitness coach can help you develop healthy eating habits. A healthy diet and regular exercise of 3 to 6 days a week can help reduce weight.

3. - Medicines: Doctors prescribe medicines to eliminate or reduce pain and to improve functioning. Doctors consider a number of before giving you medicines for osteoarthritis. Two important considerations are the intensity of your pain and the potential side effects of the medicine.

You must use medicines carefully and tell your doctors about any changes that occur with your health.

4 - Surgery : As a last resort a surgery to replace a joint may be in order from your doctor.

For many people, surgery helps relieve the pain and disability of osteoarthritis. Surgery may be performed to remove loose pieces of bone and cartilage from the joint if they are causing mechanical symptoms of buckling or locking Resurface (smooth out) bones Reposition bones Replace joints. Surgeons may replace affected joints with artificial joints called prostheses. These joints can be made from metal alloys, high-density plastic, and ceramic material.

Before undertaking expensive surgery or investing in pricey medicines perhaps you should consider taking a health supplement called Phosoplex. Phosoplex a product of Optimal Therapeutics, boasts some of the best ingredients available to help alleviate pain associated with Osteoarthritis.

I have used Phosoplex when training in fitness activity to help rid myself of knee and back pain. I would strongly recommend you investigating this quality product if you seek relief from Osteoarthritis.

Kamau Austin is a health and fitness enthusiast and advocate. He writes on a regular basis on timeless health and fitness tips at the Fit After Forty Blog. See more useful health and fitness news and tips at…

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How To Become A Network Marketing Business Megastar by Gordon Milton

We know that 5% of network marketing businesses succeed and in time people can make so much money that they qualify for being listed within the top one-tenth of one percent of all the earners in the world. So it is natural to assume that to grow your network marketing business to equal a global conglomerate, you have to be or become some super human-being. In most other occupations this is true. For example, take a look at the super stardom and super wealth of top athletics.

In athletics, various factors play a significant role in success. Success at the very elevated levels leads to mega-wealth. The athlete needs the basic physical body as the foundation to build on which is developed by training over many years, gradually conditioning everything, including the mental processes, to operate competitively.

A team of trainers, coaches and medical experts assist in the preparation. If the athlete and the support team do their jobs correctly, the result is success. Sponsorship and promotion offers flood in and the athlete can enjoy the trappings of mega-wealth.

But what happens if you fail to reach mega-stardom. Records of the mediocre athletes show lives beset by lack of money and support and a dreams that endure a few short years instead of decades or more. This pattern although transparent in sport, athletics, entertainment and others, is common to most walks of life. In network marketing the situation of being barred from super-stardom and mega-wealth, just because you are "average" is simple to overcome.

Every day of every year, a network marketing superstar rises to prominence. Their super-stardom is not because of the opportunity they have joined, their sponsor, their training, company or luck. It is because of themselves. That superstar was waiting to be found. That superstar wanted to be a superstar who had the drive, the natural skills, or the desire to acquire any skills needed. Somebody just happened to offer them the vehicle they needed. Somebody had to sponsor them. It could have been you.

All you have to do is to sponsor a few into your team. To sponsor a super-star or five! keep sponsoring and the law of averages will work in your favour and eventually deliver, meaning you will sponsor a superstar. Keep sponsoring after that and you will eventually sponsor more superstars.

At a very large rally an elderly lady was recognised for being a superstar. There was nothing outstanding about her. She wasn't charismatic, stunningly good looking, a captivating speaker, or a leader. She was average - she knew it, and she admitted it. Her success was down to sponsoring enough people into her team to have sponsored five members who were outstanding, charismatic, good looking, captivating speakers, leaders and superstars. That's what will give you, Mr. and Mrs. Average, a successful superstar lifestyle with your network marketing business?

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Relief From Back Pain - free article courtesy of


Having any sort of back pain can absolutely take over your life. Everything you do is governed by the pain. The purpose of this article is to describe the main symptoms, causes and back pain remedies.

But first I would like to give you a warning. Please check with your Doctor before you start or undertake any back pain remedy.


This is a list of symptoms that indicate that you have something wrong.

  • Upper back pain.
  • Low back pain.
  • Persistent dull pain.
  • Persistent sharp pain.
  • Burning sensation.
  • Stiffness.
  • Numbness.
  • Tingling sensation shooting down legs.
  • Shoulder pain.
  • Sciatic pain.

Causes of back pain

It is essential that you find out what is causing your back pain. It is the cause that needs to be treated, not the symptoms. This is a list of possible causes of your back pain. Check the list and see if one of them could be the cause of your back pain. You can then take the appropriate steps to find a remedy.

  • Poor posture.
  • Muscular imbalance.
  • Injury.
  • Illness.
  • Herniated disk.

Traditional remedies

Most traditional remedies have included drugs of some sort. Some back pain experts now believe that it is not possible to cure what is essentially a physical problem with medication. Drugs and medication may alleviate the symptoms but do not get to the actual cause of the problem

Here are some other treatments that you might like to consider.

  • Massage therapy.
  • Yoga.
  • Pressure treatment.
  • Stretching.
  • Fitness training
  • Ayurvedic
  • Manual therapy such as stimulation, ice and heat.

If you want to investigate more about back pain remedies please visit:

Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor and not qualified to give you any advice about back pain or any other medical problems. This article is for information purposes only. If you have any sort of back pain please consult your Doctor. Also consult your Doctor before starting any back pain remedy.

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Five Secrets to Creating Wealth Online by Billy Anderson III

Finally, at long last, a blueprint for internet business success. There are five secrets to creating wealth online. If you will follow these simple rules you can not only succeed where others have failed but you can create generational wealth from your online business which will benefit your family in years to come.

Rule 1: Select a product or service that has broad market appeal! It will do you no good to have a monopoly in a certain market niche if you don’t have enough customers to stay in business. In other words, your product or service must be attractive to a vast number of customers. You are aiming for a wide customer base not a select few. Notice also that the above rule says “product or service”. You can have one or the other or preferably both.

Rule 2: Make sure you have a website! The advent of the internet has resulted in many online businesses to replace bricks and mortar. You’ve got to have an appealing website and lead capture page. There are several ways to go about creating your website. You can build your own website by utilizing some sites offering templates and customizable solutions. Alternatively you could choose to outsource the creation of your website. There are a number of sites out there offering both solutions which are not expensive. You can also check out different hosting companies. You might be able to skip this step if you join a business which already has its own website. The best option is to join a business which provides you with a replicated website and your own autoresponder service so you can capture and store all of your visitors’ data to build your customer list.

Rule 3: Limit your expenses! Hey, wait a minute. Didn’t I just tell you in the last paragraph that you had to have a website and that costs money? Correct, but it need not be expensive. Too many people dive into their own new business and don’t watch over their expenses. They soon find themselves drowning in debt and wonder why their business is not profitable. You must have a handle on all expenses in your new business. An internet business will provide opportunities to save money in many areas that a traditional brick and mortar business can’t. Just think about salaries for salespeople, rent, workers compensation insurance premiums, and marketing in an online business as opposed to a traditional business. And, speaking of marketing, that brings us to the next secret.

Rule 4: Develop a good marketing plan! The internet offers many opportunities to develop a good marketing plan while saving money as you do so. Traffic generation is the key here. It is true that a lot of successful internet marketers do spend money on such things as pay per click advertising but it is not necessary in order to be successful. Especially when starting a new business you want to take advantage of the many methods of marketing online which are free or very inexpensive. You may want to look at blogging, writing articles, or coming up with your own e-book or newsletter. It is a trial and error process and you have to find what works for you. Once your business starts bringing in the big bucks, then you can afford to spend a little money on paid advertising. Now, finally we come to the last secret.

Rule 5: Increase revenues with affiliate marketing! Any good investment advisor will preach to you about the wisdom of diversifying your holdings among different asset classes. The same principle holds true about the revenues for your internet business. Why limit yourself to just one income stream in your business? If you choose really good affiliate partners you can successfully market other site’s products and services in addition to your own and make a lot of money in affiliate commissions. And the best part is there is no limit to the number of sites with which you can practice affiliate marketing. This is the greatest secret to creating wealth online.

In sum, if you are considering the plunge into becoming an online entrepreneur adhere to the five secrets above. Creating your own website or having your own replicated site is a must, as is offering a product or service which has very broad market appeal. Do not forget to limit your expenses. It is critical in any business endeavor to pinch pennies in the beginning. What about the marketing plan? This is one of the most important aspects of your business. Any internet marketer worth his salt will ell you that you must develop a good marketing plan. Remember you may have to try a number of different internet marketing methods before you find what works best for you. The most savvy gurus use a combination of different methods. And, I saved the best for last: increase revenues with affiliate marketing. I cannot overstress this point enough. So, follow the secrets and you’ll be on your way to creating your own wealth online.

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