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Deep breathing is a great way of promoting relaxation and reducing stress. Yoga, meditation, martial arts, and trained voice are some disciplines that recognize the importance and effectiveness of deep breathing. Use the following deep breathing technique during any of the above activites or whenever you want to relax and energize your body.

It is natural to breathe using the diaphragm or lower abdomen. If you watch babies, you will see that they breathe this way. As we get older, stress and inactivity cause us to draw shorter, shallower breaths. These short breaths use only the upper chest instead of the lower abdomen. In times of stress the abdominal muscles tense up and make it almost impossible to breathe deeply and naturally. At first, the shock your body feels because of the increased oxygen intake during deep breathing exercises, may cause you to feel some dizziness.

A short breathing exercise:

Close your eyes, and hold your hands over your lower abdomen. Breath in deeply through your nose while you slowly count to 4. Feel your belly push out on your hands. Let the air in your abdomen expand your belly without any muscle tension. Breathe out through your mouth, feeling your hands moving back into your body.

Repeat this pattern until you feel peaceful, calm, and relaxed.

You may find it helpful to play calming and relaxing music during this exercise.

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Prosperity Prayers – The Key To Attracting Wealth by Della ...

It is easy to develop prosperity prayers if you know how to do it. There are simple steps that you can follow which will help you focus your thinking and allow you to have faith that your prosperity prayer will bring you positive results.

Here are seven simple steps that you can follow which have been proven to work for many people just like you.

Step One – Understand the Truth of Life

You want to recognize that Life is abundant. There is so much abundance and good in nature that we could not possibly use it all.

Sample Statement – There is only one Life. That Life is infinitely abundant. There is more than enough good for everyone.

Step Two – Identify with this Life

You want to claim your unity or oneness with this Life, with this abundance.

Sample Statement – Since there is only one Life, that Life is my life now. The Infinite Abundance that is the Truth of Life is the truth of me.

Step Three – Accept Your Good

You want to state the good that you are now claiming. You claim this good in the present.

Sample Statement – I now accept an abundance of money and prosperity in my life. This money comes to me in ways of ease, joy, peace, harmony, and good.

Step Four – Challenge Negative Thoughts

If any negative thoughts come up when you are stating your acceptance of more prosperity, you want to challenge them.

Sample Statement – Any thought that I cannot experience more abundance and more good in my life is not the Truth of Life. Since I am one with Life, it cannot be true of me.

Step Five – Reaffirm the Good You are Claiming

You always want to follow a negative thought with a positive one. You reclaim the good that you are accepting.

Sample Statement – I have faith that I am now receiving more abundance in my life than ever before. It flows into my life easily, effortlessly, and joyously.

Step Six – Give Thanks

You want to express thanks for the good that you know is now on its way to you.

Sample Statement – I am grateful to Life for my increased abundance. I am grateful that I now have more prosperity than ever before.

Step Seven – Release Your Prayer for Prosperity

You release your prosperity prayer to the Universe so it can bring it to you in the right and perfect way.

Sample Statement – I now release my prayer for money. I know that it is coming into my life at the right and perfect time and in the right and perfect way. And so it is.

That’s it. These are seven simple steps that you can use to allow more money and prosperity to show up in your life. Prosperity prayers are very powerful. Say them every day. Keep an attitude of faith and positive expectancy and watch the good that can happen.

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Seven Reasons to Take Acai - free article courtesy of

Acai (pronounced ah-sy-ee) is a berry grown mainly in South America that has a number of nutritional properties, and has even been known to prevent certain diseases. There are a number of reasons to take acai supplements or drink acai juice on a daily basis no matter what your health needs are; here are seven of the great qualities of acai juice that everyone should take advantage of.


Antocianine, one of the main substances in the acai berry, is high in antioxidants like Vitamins C and E and helps the body fight of free radicals in the environment. Harmful substances in the air like smog, cigarette smoke, and even the damaging effects of the sun can be significantly reduced by drinking acai juice.

While there are a number of other fruit juices that fight off antioxidants, none of them come close to acai juice. Acai berries are up to six times more potent than noni juice or mangosteen, so a daily intake of acai could protect you from contracting colds or the flu, as well as give your skin a healthy glow.


Acai has a significant amount of calcium, which can help prevent osteoporosis, especially in women. Calcium helps to strengthen the bones and prevent fractures, especially in the hip, spine, and wrist, and in addition with the right diet filled with other calcium-rich foods and Vitamin D, osteoporosis can also be effectively treated.

In addition to osteoporosis prevention, women with extreme menstrual pain can also benefit from acai juice. Calcium-rich foods tend to coat the lining of the stomach and uterus, and reduce the pain that comes from cramps and bloating.

Helping to develop healthy teeth and gums is also another characteristic of calcium. For a whiter smile and stronger teeth, as well as the prevention of gingivitis as well as other gum diseases, try adding a serving of acai juice or powder to your normal dental care routine.

Lower Cholesterol Levels

Acai berries can help to lower cholesterol levels due to their high fiber content. The high fiber in content can also help to prevent colon cancer, since the fiber in the acai berry helps to move substances through the digestive track and arteries. The berries contain Omega-3 fatty acids as well, another substance that lowers cholesterol. Omega-3 fatty acids can also improve the health of your skin because it improves circulation and increase the level of protein in the body.

Macro minerals

Macro minerals are necessary minerals that are found in both foods and supplements. Most people need high amounts of these minerals, so acai juice is one of the easiest ways to make sure that you get the necessary amount of macro minerals per day. Potassium, sulfur, magnesium and phosphorous are some of the main macro minerals that people don't get enough of. Sulfur can help to improve acne, magnesium can help women with menopausal complications, and potassium has been known to improve heart health.

Low glycemic index

Another benefit of acai is its low glycemic index. The glycemic index is the ranking of carbohydrates based on their effect on blood glucose or blood sugar levels. The quicker carbohydrates break down during digestion, the higher the glycemic index. Carbohydrates that breakdown slowly, releasing glucose gradually into the blood stream, have low glycemic index. Foods that are low in glycemic levels are slow to digest and be absorbed into the body's bloodstream and cause the body's blood sugar and insulin levels to rise slowly. Low glycemic Index diets have been shown to improve both glucose and lipid levels in diabetic individuals. They also have benefits for weight control because they help control appetite and delay hunger. Low glycemic levels can also help individuals who are trying to lose weight, since it keeps you fuller longer, and can even prolong physical strength and endurance.

Increased energy

Because of the acai berries ability to help fight off diseases and sicknesses due to its high level of antioxidants, a higher energy level can be attained by drinking acai juice every day. High antioxidant levels boost the immune system, and people have reported having boundless energy and endurance as a result of taking an acai supplement daily. This is also due to the high content of vitamins and minerals in acai, which can help to maintain a healthy diet by providing part of the daily allowance of certain vitamins. Acai juice constitutes a serving of fruit, so the more you consume, the more your body will be cleansed and able to run properly, and fatigue will be eliminated over time.

High celadrin levels

Even if you exercise regularly and eat well, you may still experience the effects of aging and constant physical activity. This can have an affect on your bones and organs over time, and acai berry can help to regulate your stress levels, and even to repair your body.

Celadrin, a natural anti-inflammatory compound of fatty acids that is derived from bovine tallow oil, has been known to promote healthy joint function by lubricating the membranes that cushions joints and bones. Glucosamine, a substance that works well with celadrin and is also found in acai, helps to build healthy cartilage in the body.

Once you decide to take acai on a regular basis, be sure to talk your doctor about your new diet choices to discuss ways to maximize the benefits of acai in your diet. Making certain improvements to your eating habits, exercising regularly, and taking certain prescribed medication as instructed can all help to make acai one of your best dietary choices.

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The Key to Unlimited Wealth by Scott F Paradis

Have you ever intended to be rich? Not just your ordinary, garden variety rich, but super wealthy? Can you see yourself as a billionaire? How many billions would it take to completely satisfy your every desire? Is there enough money in the world to satisfy limitless desires?

What is the financial value of all the stuff in America? By all the stuff I mean the things, property, infrastructure, natural resources, knowledge. What if we could assign a monetary worth to all the things considered of value, how much would that be?

Here are a few examples to consider for context. The estimated value of all the real estate in the United States is on the order of $20 trillion. The cumulative value of publically traded stock worldwide hovers around $40 trillion. The value of the international bond market (corporate and government debt) is estimated at $82 trillion. And the "big boy" of the bunch, the international derivatives market (financial instruments leveraging underlying assets) is valued in the stratosphere of $800 trillion - or about 11 times the size of the world economy.

Pondering these gargantuan numbers is like trying to get your arms around an elephant. You know you can't grasp it at the big part, rather, if you hope to reach all the way around you'll have to look for somewhere to grab a little more trim. If you think the scope of these numbers is impressive but largely irrelevant, ratchet your imagining back down to a reality you live and breathe and can operate in and influence.

"Estimated values" are what people determine things to be worth. Something, anything, is only worth what someone will pay for it. The value of your car, your house, your clothes, your furniture, your labor is only worth what someone will give you for each (or the least value you would give yourself for that item). People, however, will only pay to satisfy a want or need. So therefore ultimately all value is determined as a factor of wants and needs. Desires are the measure of value.

As people determine worth then, there seems to be a lot of risk in "value". After all what one holds dear, what one may consider priceless, might not seem too important to other people. But therein lies the hidden key to riches. The value of all the stuff in America is into the trillions of dollars. That value is a measure of people's desires.

Knowing the truth - people's desires set worth - you come to recognize the road to wealth. If you want to secure for yourself and your family a measure of prosperity - if you want to be rich - don't worry about stuff. Don't concern yourself with acquiring property or accumulating physical assets. Instead focus all your time, energy and talent on satisfying the infinite wants and needs of your fellow human beings.

There exists no such thing as intrinsic value. Human desires determine worth. To go from broke to billions obliges fulfilling wants and needs. The path to financial success is a way of satisfying people. Opportunity for creating fortunes will exist as long as wants and needs go unmet.

If you truly want to be wealthy - satisfy wants, meet needs, fulfill desires. Your labor, properly applied for the benefit of others, will secure your true treasure.

Copyright (c) 2010 Scott F Paradis

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