Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Key to Unlimited Wealth by Scott F Paradis

Have you ever intended to be rich? Not just your ordinary, garden variety rich, but super wealthy? Can you see yourself as a billionaire? How many billions would it take to completely satisfy your every desire? Is there enough money in the world to satisfy limitless desires?

What is the financial value of all the stuff in America? By all the stuff I mean the things, property, infrastructure, natural resources, knowledge. What if we could assign a monetary worth to all the things considered of value, how much would that be?

Here are a few examples to consider for context. The estimated value of all the real estate in the United States is on the order of $20 trillion. The cumulative value of publically traded stock worldwide hovers around $40 trillion. The value of the international bond market (corporate and government debt) is estimated at $82 trillion. And the "big boy" of the bunch, the international derivatives market (financial instruments leveraging underlying assets) is valued in the stratosphere of $800 trillion - or about 11 times the size of the world economy.

Pondering these gargantuan numbers is like trying to get your arms around an elephant. You know you can't grasp it at the big part, rather, if you hope to reach all the way around you'll have to look for somewhere to grab a little more trim. If you think the scope of these numbers is impressive but largely irrelevant, ratchet your imagining back down to a reality you live and breathe and can operate in and influence.

"Estimated values" are what people determine things to be worth. Something, anything, is only worth what someone will pay for it. The value of your car, your house, your clothes, your furniture, your labor is only worth what someone will give you for each (or the least value you would give yourself for that item). People, however, will only pay to satisfy a want or need. So therefore ultimately all value is determined as a factor of wants and needs. Desires are the measure of value.

As people determine worth then, there seems to be a lot of risk in "value". After all what one holds dear, what one may consider priceless, might not seem too important to other people. But therein lies the hidden key to riches. The value of all the stuff in America is into the trillions of dollars. That value is a measure of people's desires.

Knowing the truth - people's desires set worth - you come to recognize the road to wealth. If you want to secure for yourself and your family a measure of prosperity - if you want to be rich - don't worry about stuff. Don't concern yourself with acquiring property or accumulating physical assets. Instead focus all your time, energy and talent on satisfying the infinite wants and needs of your fellow human beings.

There exists no such thing as intrinsic value. Human desires determine worth. To go from broke to billions obliges fulfilling wants and needs. The path to financial success is a way of satisfying people. Opportunity for creating fortunes will exist as long as wants and needs go unmet.

If you truly want to be wealthy - satisfy wants, meet needs, fulfill desires. Your labor, properly applied for the benefit of others, will secure your true treasure.

Copyright (c) 2010 Scott F Paradis

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