Saturday, December 4, 2010

Resvinatrol Complete™ Liquid - 32oz - $ 25.87

NOW WITH proven Cholesterol Lowering Plant Sterols, CoQ10, and Omega 3! Resvinatrol Complete™ combines powerful antioxidants, phytosterols, CoQ10 and Omega 3 Fatty Acids in a delicious tasting grape flavored drink to help improve your cardiovascular health and boost your immune system while lowering cholesterol. Heart Disease in the single leading cause of death in America today and over 100 million Americans have elevated Cholesterol Levels. Don't wait to become one of these statistics. Choose to improve your health and drink Resvinatrol Complete™ to help protect your body from free radical damage that may lead to increased risks for serious health conditions. Resveratrol is a heart healthy phytonutrient that exists in a variety of grapes and other plants as part of their natural defense mechanisms against dehydration, fungus and UV radiation. Resveratrol studies initially linked this powerful antioxidant with increased longevity and weight loss, but other health benefits such as cardioprotection, anti-inflammation, and anti-aging have also been reported in recent studies. PhytoStat™ is recommended by doctors as the preferred form of high-quality Phytosterols. These plant sterols have been proven beneficial in lowering cholesterol and providing cardiovascular support.CoQ10 is a necessary component for energy production and enhances cell functioning. CoQ10 is another antioxidant that acts as a scavenger for free radicals and helps reduce risk of damaged cells that may lead to poor health. Resvinatrol Complete™ Offers:Powerful Antioxidant ActionProven Cholesterol Lowering Plant SterolsHelps Prevent Free Radical Damage to Cells100 mg Resveratrol in each 1 oz servingCombines Ellagic Acid from Pomegranates and RaspberriesDIRECTIONS: Take 1 ounce twice a day with or without a light snack. Note: It is normal for natural ingredients to separate and settle on the bottom. Shake well before using and consume within 60 days of opening.

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